Why would you post that?

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As I scroll through my social media accounts (facebook, instagram, twitter, etc.) I sometimes think “why would they post that?” Choosing a profession where social media is a big aspect made me take a step back and start to wonder what is appropriate for social media accounts and what isn’t. Before I post something on any social media account I have, the types of things I think are “would my parents be mad if they seen this?, and Would this picture prevent me from getting a job in the future?”  Other people do not think about these kinds of questions when they post a picture or status on their social media site and can sometimes be the reason that they didn’t get a job that they really wanted.

The first social media site that I use that makes me wonder things like this is instagram.  Instagram is a social media account where the user can post pictures or videos up to fifteen seconds long and their ‘followers’ can like or comment on the posts. On my own personal social media account I see pictures of people that I follow wishing to have a career as a teacher, nurse, lawyer, or journalist posting pictures that I would think be inappropriate for their future careers.  For example there is a girl on my personal instagram account who currently studies elementary education at college and wishes to be a elementary school teacher when she graduates college. Occasionally scrolling through my news feed I see pictures of this girl being clearly intoxicated with bottles of alcohol in her hands with drug paraphernalia in the background. For someone who wishes to be teaching children in the future I would think she would have enough sense not to post pictures like that. With social media accounts  being so popular in today’s society it is becoming more common for employers to check potential employers social media accounts before employers decide to hire or not hire an employee.


Another social media site that I use that leads me to ask myself “what were they thinking?” is the micro-blogging social media site known as twitter. I follow a range of different people on twitter including friends, people I’ve met one time, people I don’t like, classmates,  co-workers, etc. After searching ourselves in class and looking over my last 100 tweets I learned that I complain about working too much and this in the future can cause problems for me. A big chunk of my tweets from a month or so ago are between my co-worker and I discussing how stressed we were during that night and us complaining about working. In the website reputation.com which is a website that gives advice about what to post on social media sites discusses how people shouldn’t complain about their job online. This website states “If you have a genuine work issue, it will not do you any good to pour out your frustration online.” With this being said is posting something bad about your employer online really going to solve the problem you have going on at work? No, so there is no reason for people to tweet, update or post anything about what is going on in their workplace. Also by talking bad about your work place on a social media site doesn’t exactly make an employee jump at the chance to hire you.

The third and final social media site that I use in my daily life that can affect how an employer thinks and probably the most popular is facebook. Facebook is much more popular than twitter or instagram and in my opinion can cause more damage than either social media site. I used the huffintonpost.com to look for articles discussing how social media sites affect the ways that employers view potential employees and came across an article titled “11 Reasons You Should Quit Facebook In 2014” written by Renee Jacques.  In this article, reason number 2 is titled “facebook makes it impossible for you to stay ‘private’.” This statement is so true because it doesn’t matter if you make your facebook private because if a company wants to view your profile they will and it doesn’t matter that you delete a picture or post off of your social media account because there are still ways to view those posts and pictures. It is always important to remember when posting something on a social media account that once something is on the internet it can never really be deleted.

A site that I found useful in learning what is and isn’t appropriate for posting online is gentwenty.com which has an article discussing why people need to be  careful about what is posted online written by Maggie McMillan. This website lists a number of reasons that people should monitor what they are posting including; losing your job, losing your education, and what is posted can influence positional danger. These reasons as well as the reasons listed above describe why it is important to always think before you and post.



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4 thoughts on “Why would you post that?

    Chelsea said:
    May 19, 2014 at 6:09 pm

    I agree, how can someone think it is ok to post pictures of them holding bottles of alcohol and then except to get a job teaching? Let alone anywhere near children. It terrifies me to think about the pictures of myself floating around on the internet. Doing stupid things was something I was really good at in my early college days. Now those pictures are untagged and most of them are off of social media but I fear they could come back and bite me down the road. I don’t think I will ever get to become Elizabeth Warren or Hilary Clinton thanks to social media. Can you imagine how kids who have always had social media in their lives are going to fair in the job market in 15 years? The beginning of their lives have been documented by their parents, then when they get to their teen years (some even younger) they have their own accounts. There is little censoring in teens to begin with, heck even adults cannot censor themselves online. I nanny a 14 year old freshman in high school, he doesn’t understand that what he posts now will still be online for his kids to see.

      kkbranum responded:
      May 19, 2014 at 6:52 pm

      I totally agree!, I don’t understand how people don’t think about things before they post cause I don’t know who would want to hire people who post things like that. And what you said about being worried about pictures from your past, I totally agree. All the pictures that are out there that my friends and I posted years and years ago, I don’t know what I was thinking and I don’t want my future employers to see them I was like 14 I didn’t know what was and wasn’t appropriate.

    michelletomlinc said:
    May 19, 2014 at 7:30 pm

    I agree but I also think it is unfair. I think social media created a gateway to show others a glimpse of our daily lives, but if we are pursuing a certain career such as teaching or public relations we have to be mindful of what we post. I sometimes feel its necessary to have two separate accounts, one for personal use and one for professional use. I think it’s unfair that people are judged off what they post on their personal accounts. If they enjoy going out drinking with their friends, they should be allowed to post it without being fired. That’s why having two separate accounts is crucial to me. I think the professional account should be kept strictly professional and the personal account should allow you to post whatever you want to without being worried about being fired over a simple picture.

      kkbranum responded:
      May 19, 2014 at 7:59 pm

      I feel that some people just don’t think at all before posting pictures that really shouldn’t be on the internet. I feel like some times if people create different social media accounts for work and personal life it might show that they have something to hide. Not that creating different accounts is a bad thing because it’s not, it just seems like a lot of work for something that could otherwise be avoided just by watching what is posted.

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